1st Grade Inventors

First Grade Inventors

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Can you find a picture of your inventor here?

Can you find the quote from Thomas Edison?
Hint: find the flashing incandescent light

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Alfred Nobel
Click BrainPOP to find out more about Alfred Nobel and his invention.

What is the Nobel Prize? Alfred Nobel Invented Dynamite.

Click the picture of Alfred Nobel to find out about his life.

Alfred Nobel

Click the Nobel Prize coin to see a timeline of his life.

Alfred Nobel created the Nobel Prize.

Click the link below to see quotes from Alfred Nobel.

A quote from Alfred Nobel


Ben Franklin
Click the picture below to find out more about Benjamin Franklin.

Ben Franklin Benjamin Franklin

Click here for information on Benjamin Franklin.

Ben did a lot of stuff!


Alexander Graham Bell
Click on Mickey Mouse to watch a video about Alexander Graham Bell.

Mickey Mouse did not invent the telephone. Who did? Alexander Graham Bell

Click the image below to learn more about Alexander Graham Bell.

Alex G. Bell calling Chicago from New York.

Birds on a Telephone Line

Henry Ford
Click below to find out more about Henry Ford and his invention.

assembly line drive

Click the Pink Panther to read about Henry Ford.

Putt, putt!

Click to see a Henry Ford Timeline.

Fords on the assembly line

Right off the Assembly Line.

The Wright Brothers
Click here to read about the Wright Brothers.

Human Flight

Click here to read about the Wright Brothers.

Wright Brothers Flying

Fly High, Inventors

George Washington Carver
Click here for a BRAINPOP video of Carver.

BrainPOP, jr

Click here to read about GWC.

Carver discovered 300 things to do with peanuts.

Carver made crops more profitable.

Click here for videos of George Washington Carver.

Carver was accomplished!

The Peanuts Gang

Thomas Edison
Click below for a Thomas Edison video.

Thomas Edison's phonograph

Click here to find out more about Thomas Edison.

Some great inventions, some not so great!

incandescent light

Can't wait for more inventions to be built!

This page is still under construction.

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work-Thomas Edison


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