Fine Artists Program

The Fine Artists Program brings famous artists and their work to our students. An all-volunteer staff, trained by paid instructor and professional artist Kathleen Kane-Murrell, and your generous donations to the Academic Fundraising Partnership (AFP) make this fantastic program possible. Your support encourages our children to express their creativity and develop unique talents and problem solving skills.
Six times a year, during the regular school day, your child will participate in an art lesson inspired by the work of a famous artist. Students will be introduced to the famous artist through a shared story, book or video. Next, students will examine and discuss the featured work of a famous artist, learning concepts such as shape, contour, line, pattern, color, texture, perspective and scale. Finally, students will use a variety of media (watercolors, tempera, cut paper, pastels, markers, etc.) to create an original piece of art inspired by the famous artist.
Artwork created during the Fine Artists lessons is stored in a portfolio in your child's classroom. Portfolios go home at the end of the school year. Additionally, the product of one lesson will be selected, matted and displayed at the annual Art Show.
Please feel free to contact Vicki Sanders at any time with your questions.

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